join the FLOG challenge!

I'm so excited to be hosting this month's FLOG challenge!

to recap, this started when Leah did a "four vlog" challenge (flog) and we had to post on a certain topic every week for 4 weeks.

I technically didn't finish the contest because I forgot to do the last video (oops.) but here are my weeks 1, 2, and 3. It's so fun to see what other people do and how other people interpret the prompts and it's EVEN MORE FUN TO GET INVOLVED!

Instead of doing four vlogs, we're keeping it to one per month. so, without further ado, this month's topic is:


What are some things you have/do/see that is a tradition? Are you starting a new tradition this year? It is a family thing? Friends? Holiday themed? Season finale party? Whatever! 

Your job now is to do your own vlog/video blog post about the subject. I could give you some ideas on what to do, but that would take all the fun out of it don't ya think? The flog will go live on this blog on December 1st at 8 am Utah time, and I'll have a link-up on my post for you to add your link to.

Good luck and have fun! I'm anxious to see everybody's videos!


  1. YAS. so excited. this is such a great topic!

  2. ahh so cool! i'm liking the topic choice & am reallllllly gonna try & do it! (i know that doesn't sound promising, but i'm going to try my best!)

  3. Way too excited about this!!

  4. Yes! More vlogs! Can't wait to participate.