some family pictures!

I hope you guys are having a freakin fantastic start to the holiday break!

we just got our family pictures back from sam and I'm so excited to share them all! But a little at a time, amiright? we'll see ;)

my friend and I are working on something super exciting for the holiday season, and it includes hand lettered goodies for Christmas. I'm STOKED.

our plans for the break include hanging out at my parents' house and doing NOTHING. it's going to be perfect.and hey, while you're at it, film some of that holiday magic for the flog challenge due in a week!

some fun things going on that you might have missed but probably should know about:

- win a pair of glasses in the last post (who doesn't love free stuff?)
- need a thanksgiving decoration? download this quote printable and bring it to your celebration!
- i want to have an ugly sweater kareoke dance party with my friends this season. would YOU want to come?

have a happy thanksgiving!


  1. those pictures are so cute! & ya, i would definitely join your party

    1. thanks Kerry! I love them! and I would TOTALLY invite you!