a magical start to our christmas

+ nick carrying our Christmas tree home from the market by our house

+ setting up the tree with the company of my friend Kalynn who's doing a special project i can't wait to share!

+ coming home from Thanksgiving to a house that was 45* and freezing. we set up the tree, cranked up the heater and found all the blankets we could to make a fort on top of the vent while we watched it snow.

+ my advent calendar my mom and sister did with me over Thanksgiving.

+ hanging out in bed with a "post immunizations" feverish baby who doesn't want to do anything but watch Lightning McQueen and won't eat anything but pretzels and chocolate. (I feel you buddy, I feel you.)

+ spending Wednesday evening at the opening party for salt and honey market that's this weekend and next. go check it out! seriously I've never seen a prettier creative market. go NOW! I'll be there tonight and tomorrow, so come say hi!

+ Pantone announcing the colors of the year 2016 —I'm in LOVE with the pink! not so much the blue, but the pink I'm on board with 110%. and the name? Rose Quartz? Kill me dead. I mean I'm a big fan of pink. With Apple's rose gold iPhone being a huge hit this year, you could say we all saw it coming. But I always do a little happy dance when pink is selected as a color of the year.

+ my house smelling like fresh pine and B&BW Twisted Peppermint. I'm convinced that's what the holidays are supposed to smell like.


  1. your pictures all look so cozy & wintery! i love the christmas tree pictures. i hate days that babies have to get immunizations, they're such a drag. but i kinda love how it makes them cuddly, haha