merry christmas!

Hammer Christmas Gram from Kalynn Petersen on Vimeo.

my friend Kalynn hung out with us while we decorated our tree and made this cute Christmas Gram for us. (get a hold of her to do your own! she's fantastic!)

 Merry Christmas everyone!

 (p.s. if you want to send me a Christmas card, please do!)


  1. this video was ADORABLE. and may i just say, you are rockin that gray t shirt beanie combo. cutest family.

  2. Cutest little family video ever! We've been trying to make sure to take videos of lots of little things with our little one since it's her first everything and I don't have many family videos from growing up but this is like a whole other level of video here. :)

  3. This video! <3 heart eyes x 1292123! So stinking cute!

  4. This was such a cute video! I seriously wish I took more videos so that I could save memories in that way!