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thanks for stopping by! while I'm no longer posting here, you're welcome to take a look at what's been done on this old blog.

best wishes!

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i'm Stephanie, a graphic designer & letterer, and this is my blog where my beautiful things go. (please call me Steph, it's my favorite)

The purpose for this blog is to connect with other cool people & have a place to put all the fun things I like to do. I'm not here to prove anything or try to be better than anyone else. Heck, I had 2 caramel apples before bed last night, I'm in no position to tell others how to live their life. I always try to be real and candid and share how I see the world, perfect or not, which is cool and hipsterish in a way but mostly it's just fun.

My husband Nick is in his Masters of Architecture, so that makes me an architecture student's wife, and that's comparable to being a med school wife with how much he has to put into his work and how little I see of him.

I'm a mom, and that means the world to me. I love design and photography almost as much as my family, but they always always come first!

And I'm a creator. What I do isn't perfect but it's mine and I enjoy the heck out of it! My work has been featured on Buzzfeed, the official VSCO grid, and I was the "Pizza Girl" of the Nokia Lumia 1020 (which literally has nothing to do with my skills, but it's still pretty cool.)

So if you're curious about hearing the details and real-life stories of how I became a graphic designer, what it's like being in architecture/design school, how to raise a baby healthily when you're addicted to sugar, or watch/read/see creatively inclined things, you're in the right place! If you like what you see stick around—if not, that's okay. Seriously. We're making these memories for ourselves.


A little about our life: we met at SUU, got married, had a baby, graduated college and traveled a lot in between.


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